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Photography have come a long way since it first set out in the early 19th century.
We now all experience it in our everyday life, whether consciously or unconsciously.
It is used in every possible field you can imagine. There is just no limit to where photography can take you and would you decide to go down that path, new challenges would keep on emerging as you go. A camera is an incredible tool and nowadays nearly everyone is taking pictures. It's about art but it's also about reminiscing a time, a place, a person, an event, a generation, a mood, an expression.

I am a passionate photographer. I'm constantly trying to improve my skills (shooting, editing, communication wise). I particularly love to take portraits of people as I always find it to be a different experience with each individuals. Whether it's being able to create still images that convey strong emotions or whether it's creating visually dazzling images that transcend the medium, I'm always looking for something new.
Being a photographer implies working with a lot of different talented people including hairdressers, makeup artists, models, assistants, ... And I can't wait to meet new ones !

I also diversify in all sorts of events photography and I'm constantly looking for new gigs so be sure to contact me if you're interested. I particularly love doing weddings as they
always able me to capture strong emotions.

Bryan Proult - +32(0)476/97.39.68